Texas RMS Packet/VARAFM Station Uptimes

Data collected: 2023-09-26 11:34:28 AM
177 RMS records [ Packet_1200=136 | Packet_9600=3 | VaraFM_narrow=23 | VaraFM_wide=44 ]
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Invoked at 11:36:38 AM   Refreshes=1

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District CountyCallsignFrequencyTime Since Check-In%UptimeDigipeaterE-mailMRNotes
N-D02 BrownK5BWD-10145.090Current99.91%  P Brownwood - Public
N-D02 ParkerW0UO-10144.950Current36.07%  P Weatherford - EmCom
N-D02 HoodN0JY-10145.090Current93.96%  P Granbury - Public
N-D03 CollinK5PRK-10145.090Current91.23%  P Allen - Public
N-D03 CollinW6JDG-10145.630Current99.91%  P Collin, Sachse - VARA FM
N-D03 CollinW6JDG-10145.630Current99.99%  v Collin, Sachse - VARA FM
N-D03 DentonKD5EOC-10144.990Current91.51%RSSTN  P Denton Co. EMO - (RSSTN Digi on frequency) Vara FM - Same Frequency
N-D03 DentonKD5EOC-10144.990Current91.59%RSSTN  v Denton Co. EMO - (RSSTN Digi on frequency) Vara FM - Same Frequency
N-D03 DentonK5YX-10144.990Current99.99%  v Little Elm, Public
N-D03 DentonK5YX-10144.990Current99.91%  P Little Elm, Public
N-D03 DentonKC5TSU-10144.990Current96.76%KC5TSU-10  P Public
N-D03 DentonKC5TSU-10144.990Current96.85%KC5TSU-10  V Public
N-D03 GraysonKF5AUD-10144.930Current99.91%  P Public NE Quad
N-D03 GraysonWC5GC-10144.990Current98.82%  P Grayson Co EOC w/RMS Relay - (Wl Express-WC5GC on freq during drills)
N-D04 TarrantK5COW-10145.030Current99.91%K5COW-10  P Public EmComm - South Fort Worth - VARA FM, same call and frequency
N-D04 TarrantK5COW-10145.030Current99.99%K5COW-10  V Public EmComm - South Fort Worth - VARA FM, same call and frequency
N-D04 TarrantK5NET-10145.010 0.00%K5NET-10  P Public EmComm - NE Tarranr Co. - VARA FM, Packet same frequency KE5NET-11
N-D04 JohnsonW5WK-10144.930Current99.91%W5WK-10  P Public - Burleson - Vara FM
N-D04 JohnsonW5WK-10144.930Current99.99%W5WK-10  v Public - Burleson - Vara FM
N-D05 DallasW5AUY-10145.070Current78.96%  P Mansfield - Public SW Quad
N-D05 DallasW5AUY-10441.000Current78.96%  P Cedar Hill EOC - Public - 9600 baud port on 441.000
N-D05 DallasWG5EOC-10144.930Current99.91%WG5EOC-5  P Garland - RACES/ARES - EmCom & Public | Packet & Vara + FM Digi -5
N-D05 DallasWG5EOC-10144.930Current99.99%WG5EOC-5  v Garland - RACES/ARES - EmCom & Public | Packet & Vara + FM Digi -5
N-D05 DallasWG5EOC-9446.150Current99.91%  P Garland - RACES/ARES - EmCom & Public NE Quad - 1200 Baud
N-D05 DallasKB5A-10147.580Current99.91%  P Farmers Branch - Public
N-D05 DallasN5COR-10145.050Current99.81%N5COR-10 P Richardson RACES/ARES - EmComm & PUBLIC SE Quad |Digi -10
N-D05 DallasN5REG-10144.970Current99.91%  P Rowlett - Public & EmComm
N-D05 DallasN5REG-9446.150Current99.91%  P Rowlett - Public & EmComm Vara FM only
N-D05 DallasN5REG-9446.150Current99.99%  v Rowlett - Public & EmComm Vara FM only
N-D05 DallasW5FC-10145.030Current99.85%  P Dallas - Farmers Branch Area Public
N-D05 DallasW5PCA-10145.010Current99.91%  P **FREQ MIS-MATCH: LIST=145.01 WEB=144.300** Dallas - White Rock Lake Area - Public
N-D05 DallasW5FC-10145.030Current99.85%  P Dallas - Downtown
N-D05 DallasN5COR-10145.050Current99.81%  P Richardson RACES/ARES - EmComm & PUBLIC
N-D05 DallasN5COR-10441.150Current99.81%  P Richardson RACES/ARES - EmComm & PUBLIC
N-D06 McLennanKI5PCQ-10145.0302023-08-11 15:21:00Z0.00%  v Waco (Hewitt) Public - 50' tower downtown
N-D06 McLennanKD5UEW-10145.030Current99.91%  P Waco - Public
N-D06 McLennanKD5UEW-10145.030Current99.99%  V Waco - Public
N-D06 McLennanW5ZDN-10145.030Current97.86%W5ZDN-10  P Bruceville - Public - 300'Tower W of I35 - Digi -10 - Packet + varaFM - Backup Power
N-D06 McLennanW5ZDN-10145.030Current97.95%W5ZDN-10  V Bruceville - Public - 300'Tower W of I35 - Digi -10 - Packet + varaFM - Backup Power
N-D06 BellNU5D-12145.030Current99.91%NU5D-12  P Bell County - Packet 1200 and Vara FM - Same Frequency
N-D06 BellNU5D-12145.030Current99.99%NU5D-12  V Bell County - Packet 1200 and Vara FM - Same Frequency
N-D06 CoryellNU5D-10145.030Current96.30%NU5D-10  P Gatesville - / NU5D-10 #B = RMS / Digi - Vara FM same frequency
N-D06 CoryellNU5D-10145.030Current96.39%NU5D-10  V Gatesville - / NU5D-10 #B = RMS / Digi - Vara FM same frequency
N-D06 CoryellK5CRA-10145.030Current99.91%K5CRA-5  P Public - Coppereras Cove Area - Packet, VaraFM & Digi same freq.
N-D06 CoryellK5CRA-10145.030Current99.99%K5CRA-5  V Public - Coppereras Cove Area - Packet, VaraFM & Digi same freq.
N-D06 LampasasKD6UY-10145.610Current96.73%  P Public - Coppereras Cove Area
N-D06 LampasasKD6UY-10145.610Current96.81%  V Public - Coppereras Cove Area
N-D08 NacogdochesW5NAC-10145.050Current99.91%  P Nacogdoches - Public; W5NAC-7 Ka-Node - EM21qo
N-D08 RuskN5RCA-10145.010Current99.91%N5RCA-7  P Henderson, Rusk Co. EOC - Public (Digi on -7) Packet & Vara FM
N-D08 RuskN5RCA-10145.010Current99.99%N5RCA-7  v Henderson, Rusk Co. EOC - Public (Digi on -7) Packet & Vara FM
N-D09 SmithN9JN-10145.050Current79.57%  P Tyler - EmCom - 1200
N-D09 SmithN9JN-10441.000Current79.59%  P Tyler - EmCom - 9600
N-PortableKT5TFD-10144.9302023-08-21 16:15:00Z0.00% KT5TFD-1PHWGD CTF/North - Rapid Response Communications Assistance Group - Standby
N-PortableKT5TFD-11144.9502018-02-24 19:28:00Z0.00% KT5TFD-2PHWGD CTF/North - Rapid Response Communications Assistance Group - Standby
N-PortableKT5TFD-12144.970 0.00% KT5TFD-14PHWGD CTF/North - Rapid Response Communications Assistance Group - Standby
N-PortableKT5TFD-13144.9902018-02-24 19:35:00Z0.00% KT5TFD-9PHWGD CTF/North - Rapid Response Communications Assistance Group - Standby
S-D01 BrazoriaN/A145.010info0.00%KD5SVQ-6 P Angleton; Alias=ANGL (Up 150 feet)
S-D01 BrazoriaK5BRZ-10145.050Current99.91%  P Angleton (Up 125 feet)
S-D01 BrazoriaN/A145.050info0.00%KC5KZT-7 P Alvin; Alias=HAMS (Up 550 feet)
S-D01 BrazoriaN/A145.050info0.00%KD5SVQ-5 P Alvin; Alias=ALVIN (Up 190 feet)
S-D01 Fort BendWA5VBP-10145.0502023-08-14 13:30:00Z0.00% WA5VBPPH 
S-D01 Fort BendKD5YOU-10145.050Current99.91%FTBEND P Richmond
S-D01 Fort BendKD5YOU-10145.070Current99.99%  V Richmond
S-D01 Fort BendWB5EXI-10145.050Current99.99%WB5EXI-5 P Sugar Land - Intermittent operation
S-D01 Fort BendWB5EXI-10145.050Current99.99%  v Sugar Land - Intermittent operation
S-D01 Fort BendKD5HAL-10145.0502023-06-15 13:10:00Z0.00%KD5HAL-5 P Richmond Ft Bend EOC - Up when EOC activated
S-D01 GalvestonN/A145.050info0.00%K5BS P Texas City; Alias=TARS (up 100 feet) TARBOX mailbox
S-D01 GalvestonN/A145.050info0.00%K5LCG P League City; Alias=LCG (up 30 ft) LCGBOX mailbox
S-D01 GalvestonN/A145.050info0.00%WB5BMB P Galveston; Alias=RCG (up 70 feet) RCGBOX mailbox
S-D01 GalvestonN/A145.050info0.00%WR5GC P Dickinson; Alias=GC (up 70 feet) GCBOX mailbox
S-D01 MontgomeryWA5EOC-10145.030Current99.91%  P EMCOMM local post office
S-D01 MontgomeryN5MDT-10145.030Current99.85% N5MDTP Montgomery
S-D01 MontgomeryN5MDT-10446.150Current99.85%  P Montgomery
S-D01 MontgomeryN/A145.030info0.00%CONROE P Montgomery (450 feet AGL) WA5EOC-7 KA-Node Mode P
S-D01 MontgomeryWA9JG-10145.030Current99.91% WA9JGP Willis
S-D01 WallerW5KAM-10145.030Current92.62%  PSHockley
S-D01 WallerKD5JBT-10145.0302013-10-04 02:18:00Z0.00%  P Waller backup/on request
S-D02 AngelinaW5IRP-10145.050Current99.91%W5IRP-7 PYW5IRP-7 is KA node
S-D02 AngelinaN/A145.050info0.00%WD5EFY-7 P WD5EFY-7 is KA node 100ft up on water twr on 350ft hill
S-D02 HoustonWA5EC-10145.050Current99.91%  P  
S-D02 WalkerN/A145.030info0.00%NR5US P Up 85' est. 2.5 miles East of New Waverly, Texas
S-D02 WalkerKJ5YN-10145.050Current99.71%  P  
S-D03 HidalgoN/A145.010info0.00%W5RGV-7 P PHARR coverage digipeater Pharr
S-D03 HidalgoKD5MKV-10145.010Current99.90%  P Edinburg - connect via RGV, MFE or PHARR
S-D03 HidalgoKD5MKV-10145.010Current99.98%  V Edinburg - connect via RGV, MFE or PHARR
S-D03 HidalgoN/A145.770info0.00%W5RGV-6 P EBG coverage digipeater Edinburg
S-D03 HidalgoN/A145.770info0.00%W5RGV-5 P MFE coverage digipeater Pharr
S-D03 HidalgoW5RGV-11145.770Current99.91%  p McAllen - connect via STX, MFE or EBG
S-D03 HidalgoW5RGV-11145.770Current99.99%  V McAllen - connect via STX, MFE or EBG
S-D04 Live OakW5IM-10145.010Current99.91%  P George West EOC
S-D05 BrazosN5BRZ-10145.090 0.00%  P CEOC Bryan, TX
S-D05 LeonW5UOK-10145.0102012-05-15 22:46:00Z0.00%  P Not regularly up until a permanent antenna is installed
S-D06 KerrW3XO-10145.0902023-09-23 23:50:00Z49.10%  v Kerrville
S-D06 KerrW7HBH-10145.070Current39.03%  v Ingram
S-D07 BastropN/A145.030info0.00%BASRLY-2 P Digipeater Redrock - 60 feet
S-D07 BastropN/A145.730info0.00%BASRLY-1 P Digipeater
S-D07 FayetteN5FRT-10144.950Current99.84%  P Fayette Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
S-D07 FayetteN5FRT-10144.950Current99.84%  V Fayette Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
S-D07 HaysKE5LOT-11145.0302023-09-14 21:19:00Z0.97%KE5LOT-11KE5LOT-1P Seton Medical Center Hays County (SMCH) Kyle
S-D07 LeeKD5BJ-10145.610Current99.91%KD5BJ-5 KD5BJP  
S-D07 LeeKD5BJ-10145.610Current99.99%KD5BJ-5 KD5BJV  
S-D07 MilamN/A145.030info0.00%CAMRLY P Cameron up 150 feet
S-D07 TravisK5SOC-10145.070Current99.60%  P At Texas State Operations Center (SOC)
S-D07 TravisK5SOC-10145.070Current99.68%  v At Texas State Operations Center (SOC)
S-D07 TravisW5MTR-10145.730Current95.86%  P  
S-D07 TravisW5MTR-10145.730Current99.99%  v  
S-D07 TravisN/A145.730info0.00%W5OEM-5 P Texas State Hospital
S-D07 TravisN/A info0.00% W5OEM-7  Brackenridge
S-D07 TravisN/A info0.00% W5OEM-9  North Austin Medical Center
S-D07 TravisN/A info0.00% W5OEM-10  Seton Southwest
S-D07 TravisN/A info0.00% W5OEM-12  St David's South Austin
S-D07 TravisN/A info0.00% W5OEM-14  Heart Hospital
S-D07 TravisN/A info0.00% W5OEM-15  Seton Medical Center
S-D07 TravisKA5D-8145.730Current99.91% KA5D-7P  
S-D07 TravisK5KTF-10145.7302023-09-14 09:06:00Z3.22% K5KTFP Cedar Park
S-D07 WilliamsonWD5EMS-10144.910Current99.91%WD5EMS-5 WD5EMS-1P Round Rock Medical Center (RRMC)
S-D07 WilliamsonWD5EMS-10144.910Current99.99%WD5EMS-5 WD5EMS-1V Round Rock Medical Center (RRMC)
S-D07 WilliamsonN5EXY-10144.910Current99.28%N5EXY-5 N5EXY-2P Scott&White Hospital Taylor (SWHT)
S-D07 WilliamsonN5EXY-10144.910Current98.32%N5EXY-5 N5EXY-2V Scott&White Hospital Taylor (SWHT)
S-D07 WilliamsonNA5BD-10144.910Current99.90%NA5BD-5 NA5BD-3P Seton Med Center Williamson (SMCW)
S-D07 WilliamsonNA5BD-10144.910Current99.99%NA5BD-5 NA5BD-3V Seton Med Center Williamson (SMCW)
S-D07 WilliamsonN5TW-13144.910Current99.90%N5TW-5 N5TWPHGeorgetown (Up 85 feet)
S-D07 WilliamsonN5TW-13144.910Current99.98%N5TW-5 N5TWVHGeorgetown (Up 85 feet)
S-D07 WilliamsonW2MN-10144.910Current87.58%W2MN-5W2MNP Cedar Park
S-D07 WilliamsonW2MN-10144.910Current87.67% W2MNV Cedar Park
S-D07 WilliamsonW2MN-13144.910Current99.86%W2MN-7 W2MN-3P Dell Childrens Medical Center North
S-D07 WilliamsonW2MN-13144.910Current99.94%W2MN-7 W2MN-3V Dell Childrens Medical Center North
S-D07 WilliamsonWB5GM-10144.910Current99.91% WB5GMP Cedar Park
S-D07 WilliamsonWB5GM-10144.910Current99.99% WB5GMV Cedar Park
S-D07 WilliamsonN5TW-12145.030Current99.90%N5TW-5 N5TWPHGeorgetown (Up 125 feet). Packet running in AX.25 mode
S-D07 WilliamsonN5TW-12145.030Current99.98%N5TW-5 N5TWVHGeorgetown (Up 125 feet). Packet running in AX.25 mode
S-D07 WilliamsonW9BF-10145.030Current99.99%W9BF-5  P Liberty Hill
S-D07 WilliamsonW9BF-10145.030Current99.99%W9BF-5  V Liberty Hill
S-D07 WilliamsonAA5DE-10145.610Current99.91%AA5DE-5 AA5DE-1P St David's Georgetown Hosp. (SDGH)
S-D07 WilliamsonAA5DE-10145.610Current99.99%AA5DE-5 AA5DE-1V St David's Georgetown Hosp. (SDGH)
S-D07 WilliamsonN5TW-10145.610Current99.90%N5TW-5 N5TWPHGeorgetown (Up 85 feet)
S-D07 WilliamsonN5TW-10145.610Current99.98%N5TW-5 N5TWVHGeorgetown (Up 85 feet)
S-D07 WilliamsonW2MN-11145.610Current99.50%W2MN-5 W2MN-1P Cedar Park Reg Med Center (CPRMC)
S-D07 WilliamsonW2MN-11145.610Current99.59%W2MN-5 W2MN-1V Cedar Park Reg Med Center (CPRMC)
S-D07 WilliamsonW2MN-12145.610Current99.91%W2MN-6 W2MN-2P Cedar Park PD
S-D07 WilliamsonW2MN-12145.610Current99.99%W2MN-6 W2MN-2V Cedar Park PD
S-D07 WilliamsonW5TSN-10145.610Current99.91%W5TSN-5  P Liberty Hill
S-D07 WilliamsonW5TSN-10145.610Current99.99%W5TSN-5  V Liberty Hill
S-D07 WilliamsonWC5EOC-10145.6102023-09-24 18:02:00Z62.28%WC5EOC-5WC5EOCP Williamson County ESOC
S-D07 WilliamsonWC5EOC-10145.6102023-09-24 18:02:00Z62.28% WC5EOCV Williamson County ESOC
S-D07 WilliamsonKE5RS-10145.730Current99.99%KE5RS-5KE5RSP Leander; KANode: LEAKA
S-D08 BurnetW5RLY-10145.030Current98.42%  P  
S-D08 BurnetW5RLY-10145.030Current98.50%  v  
S-D08 BurnetN/A145.030info0.00%K5HLA-1 P Wide area digipeater
S-D08 BurnetN/A info0.00% KE5HIR-10  Seton Highland Lakes
S-D09 JeffersonN/A145.010info0.00%W5SSV-1 P Beaumont (Up 50 feet)
S-D09 JeffersonW5SSV-10145.010Current92.70%  P Nederland
S-D09 JeffersonW5SSV-10145.010Current92.78%  V Nederland
S-D09 JeffersonKC5YSM-10145.050Current99.99%  v Pt Arthur
S-D10 CalhounW5KTC-10145.030Current99.49%  VYPort Lavaca
S-D10 CalhounW5KTC-10145.0302023-09-08 17:03:00Z0.67%  vYPort Lavaca
S-D10 VictoriaK5VCT-10145.0102023-08-22 04:45:00Z0.00% K5VCTPHVictoria; RMS Relay run in standby mode
S-D12 AtascosaKF5DZI-10145.0902020-03-25 18:01:00Z0.00%  PYUp on request
S-D12 BexarAI5RC-10145.090Current99.99%  PYAntenna at 65 feet now
S-D12 BexarAI5RC-10145.090Current99.99%  vYAntenna at 65 feet now
S-D12 BexarK5EOC-10145.090Current99.91%K5EOCK5EOCP  
S-D12 BexarK5EOC-10145.090Current99.99% K5EOCv  
S-D12 BexarKD5YZU-10145.0902020-12-07 13:14:00Z0.00%KD5YZU-1KD5YZUP QTH: 1 mile E of I-37 exit 122 (28 miles S of San Antonio)
S-D12 BexarKD5YZU-10145.0902021-11-20 21:53:00Z0.00% KD5YZUv QTH: 1 mile E of I-37 exit 122 (28 miles S of San Antonio)
S-D12 BexarW5RMW-10145.090Current98.75% W5RMWP Kirby
S-D12 BexarW5RMW-10145.090Current98.83% W5RMWv Kirby
S-D12 BexarN/A145.090info0.00%K5EOC-11 P Wide area coverage; alias = SADIGI
S-D12 KendallN/A145.090info0.00%W5VEO-1 P 50W now - note new SSID
S-D13 WebbKD5VE-10145.010Current99.91%KD5VE-10 PH 
S-D13 WebbKD5VE-10145.010Current98.61%  VH 
S-D13 WebbKD5VE-10145.0102023-08-19 16:37:00Z0.00%KD5VE-10 pH 
S-D14 HarrisN5TRS-10145.090Current99.83%N5TRS-10 P Central Houston
S-D14 HarrisN5TRS-10145.090Current99.92%  V Central Houston
S-D14 HarrisN5TRS-11446.150Current99.92%  V Central Houston
S-D14 HarrisKA5QDG-10145.0502022-07-22 14:00:00Z0.00%TRMS P SE Houston
S-D14 HarrisN5WAJ-10145.050Current99.91%N5WAJ-10 P Red Cross 77098; (Not able to report status)
S-D14 HarrisN/A145.050info0.00%W5PAS-5 P Pasadena, 145 feet
S-D14 HarrisN5DCC-10145.0502023-09-18 21:24:00Z11.00%  P Pasadena, 50 feet
S-D14 HarrisW5OFT-10145.090Current99.91%W5OFT-10 P Spring Branch, 77080
S-D14 HarrisW5OFT-10145.090Current99.99%  v Spring Branch, 77080
S-D14 HarrisW5OFT-10145.0902023-03-27 16:10:00Z0.00%  V Spring Branch, 77080
S-D14 HarrisWB5HJV-10145.090Current94.89%  P NW Medical Center Houston 
S-D14 HarrisWB5HJV-10145.090Current93.46%  V NW Medical Center Houston 
S-D14 HarrisWD8RZA-12145.050Current99.91%  P Katy @ 15 feet
S-D14 HarrisN/A145.050info0.00%KATY P Katy (50W up 125 feet)
S-D14 HarrisN/A145.050info0.00%BIGBOY P Downtown at 1000+ feet
S-D14 HarrisW5SI-10145.070Current99.99%W5SI-5 PYHumble (W5SI also works as a digi)
S-D14 HarrisN/A145.090info0.00%WS5H P West Oaks
S-D14 HarrisN5WAJ-11446.150Current99.99%  V Red Cross 77098
S-D14 HarrisKB5HCD-10145.090Current99.91%KB5HCD-10 P NW Houston
S-D14 HarrisKB5HCD-10145.090Current99.99%  V NW Houston
S-D14 HarrisKB5HCD-11446.150Current99.99%  V NW Houston
S-D14 HarrisW5OFT-11446.150Current99.99%  v Spring Branch, 77080
S-D14 HarrisW0MAC-10145.090Current99.91%W0MAC-10 P Spring, North
S-D14 HarrisW0MAC-10145.090Current99.99%  V Spring, North
S-D14 HarrisW0MAC-11446.150Current99.99%  V Spring, North
S-D15 CameronK5RAV-10145.010Current99.99% K5RAVPHHarlingen - connect via RGV or BRO
S-D15 CameronK5RAV-10145.010Current99.99% K5RAVvHHarlingen - connect via RGV or BRO
S-D15 CameronW5STX-10145.010Current99.86%  P Harlingen - connect via RGV or BRO
S-D15 CameronW5RGV-15145.770Current89.77%  P **FREQ MIS-MATCH: LIST=145.01 WEB=145.770** Harlingen Go-Kit - connect via RGV
S-D15 CameronN/A145.010info0.00%W5RGV-1 P RGV coverage digipeater - La Feria
S-D15 CameronN/A145.010info0.00%W5RGV-3 P BRO coverage digipeater- Brownsville
S-D15 CameronK5RAV-11145.770Current99.99%  PHHarlingen - connect via STX
S-D15 CameronK5RAV-11145.770Current99.99%  VHHarlingen - connect via STX
S-D15 CameronW5STX-11145.770Current99.99%  P Harlingen - connect via STX
S-D15 CameronW5STX-11145.770Current99.99%  V Harlingen - connect via STX
S-D15 CameronN/A145.770info0.00%W5STX-1 P STX coverage digipeater - La Feria
S-D15 CameronN/A145.770info0.00%N5CEY P BVU coverage digipeater - Bayview
W-EL PASOKB5HPT-10145.070Current99.91%  P EL PASO
W-EL PASOKB5HPT-10439.010Current99.91%  p EL PASO
W-EL PASOKB5HPT-10439.010Current99.99%  V EL PASO
W-LUBBOCKKS5Z-10145.070Current96.55%  P LUBBOCK
W-LUBBOCKKS5Z-10145.070Current96.62%  V LUBBOCK