Texas CATRAC Packet/VARAFM Station Uptimes

Data collected: 2024-06-14 3:15:12 AM
30 RMS records [ Packet_1200=14 | Packet_9600=0 | VaraFM_narrow=0 | VaraFM_wide=6 ]
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District CountyCallsignFrequencyTime Since Check-In%UptimeDigipeaterE-mail MRNotes
S-D07 BastropKG5EHU-10145.0302018-06-13 21:39:00Z0.00%  P Bastrop St. David's Emergency Center
S-D07 CaldwellKE5LOT-12145.0302022-03-26 14:46:00Z0.00% KE5LOT-2P SEBD Hospital Luling, Texas
S-D07 HaysKE5LOT-10145.0302022-11-17 20:50:00Z0.00%KE5LOT-5KE5LOTP CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital, San Marcos
S-D07 HaysKE5LOT-11145.0302024-02-13 14:04:00Z0.00%KE5LOT-11KE5LOT-1P Seton Medical Center Hays County (SMCH) Kyle
S-D07 TravisW5OEM-11145.0702018-11-16 15:56:00Z0.00%W5OEM-11W5OEM-11P Seton NW Hospital Austin
S-D07 TravisN/A145.730info0.00% W5OEM-7  Brackenridge
S-D07 TravisN/A145.070info0.00% W5OEM-11  Seton NW Packet
S-D07 TravisAC5YK-11145.7302015-10-15 20:07:00Z0.00%AC5YK-6W5OEM-8P St David's Main
S-D07 TravisN/A145.730info0.00%W5OEM-5 P Texas State Hospital
S-D07 TravisN/A145.730info0.00% W5OEM-7  Brackenridge
S-D07 TravisN/A145.730info0.00% W5OEM-9  North Austin Medical Center
S-D07 TravisN/A145.730info0.00% W5OEM-10  Seton Southwest
S-D07 TravisN/A145.730info0.00% W5OEM-12  St David's South Austin
S-D07 TravisN/A145.730info0.00% W5OEM-14  Heart Hospital
S-D07 TravisN/A145.730info0.00% W5OEM-15  Seton Medical Center
S-D07 TravisN/A145.730info0.00% W5TQ-4  Up on Buckman Mountain (Packet)
S-D07 WilliamsonWD5EMS-10144.910Current99.99%WD5EMS-5 WD5EMS-1P Round Rock Medical Center (RRMC)
S-D07 WilliamsonWD5EMS-10144.910Current99.99%WD5EMS-5 WD5EMS-1V Round Rock Medical Center (RRMC)
S-D07 WilliamsonN5EXY-10144.9102024-06-11 06:01:00Z44.23%N5EXY-5 N5EXY-2P Scott&White Hospital Taylor (SWHT)
S-D07 WilliamsonN5EXY-10144.9102024-06-11 06:01:00Z44.23%N5EXY-5 N5EXY-2V Scott&White Hospital Taylor (SWHT)
S-D07 WilliamsonNA5BD-10144.910Current99.97%NA5BD-5 NA5BD-3P Seton Med Center Williamson (SMCW)
S-D07 WilliamsonNA5BD-10144.910Current99.97%NA5BD-5 NA5BD-3V Seton Med Center Williamson (SMCW)
S-D07 WilliamsonW2MN-11144.910Current99.96%W2MN-6 W2MN-1P Cedar Park Reg Med Center (CPRMC)
S-D07 WilliamsonW2MN-11144.910Current99.96%W2MN-6 W2MN-1V Cedar Park Reg Med Center (CPRMC)
S-D07 WilliamsonW2MN-13144.910Current99.98%W2MN-7 W2MN-3P Dell Childrens Medical Center North
S-D07 WilliamsonW2MN-13144.910Current99.98%W2MN-7 W2MN-3V Dell Childrens Medical Center North
S-D07 WilliamsonAA5DE-10145.610Current97.60%AA5DE-5 AA5DE-1P St David's Georgetown Hosp. (SDGH)
S-D07 WilliamsonAA5DE-10145.610Current97.60%AA5DE-5 AA5DE-1V St David's Georgetown Hosp. (SDGH)
S-D07 WilliamsonNA5BD-11145.6102017-08-21 02:42:00Z0.00%NA5BD-5NA5BD-2P Scott&White Univ Med Center (SWUMC)
S-D08 BurnetN/A info0.00% KE5HIR-10  Seton Highland Lakes